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A -7-a Conventie Internationala de Fitness din Romania - 22-23 Aprilie 2017

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Eniko Molnar


Eniko Molnar, a  28 years old Urbhanize modern dance instructor, started dancing at the age of 5 years, with ballet continued with rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics and modern dance then. She danced 13 years in a row and participated in various competitions and later started playing handball, which also has practiced it for 13 years. She finished her studies, and gave pedagogical examinations, completed the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, thus obtaining a completed tenure, which allows her to work as a pedadogic. Eni`s performing groups participated in national and International competitions, and in 2016 won two first places in the Mondial Championshi "dance Star" Porec-Croaţia. She attended several events where she represented Fitness Urbhanize style dance along with this program creator Dennis Thomsen. Step 1 Urbhanize training led him in 2015 in Bucharest, Step 2 in Berlin, Germany.

Clase / Seminarii


Duminica, 23 Aprilie - 10:15 - 11:15

Urbhanize este un program nou dans fitness , creat de catre Tina & Dennis Thomsen si lansat oficial la 1 ian 2015. Programul URBHANIZE foloseste o combinație unica dintre Bhangra ( dans traditional indian ) si Hip Hop , la care se adauga sesiuni de toning.