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Marian Paraschiv


Marian Is an experienced entrepreneur & trainer with achievements in coaching “talents” on the niche segments like security & loss prevention.
Former counterterrorist and combat martial artist Marian developed his own defense style against urban threats, combining techniques from Aikido, Wing Chun, Ju Jitsu and other martial arts.
Passionate trainer & coach, Marian is also certified master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and  “Time Line Therapy”® (Tad James & Co), member of the American Board of NLP Practitioners & Hypnotherapy.
He possesses a degree in Management from the Open University (UK) with stage I MBA finalized. Also, he is now studying Psychology at Hyperion University, in Bucharest, pursuing his degree.
Author of the book “Coach in the Mirror” and with other pending writings, Marian is a firm believer in the fact that anyone has all the resources required to fulfill any personal goal. But for trainers, focusing on results, with confidence in one’s values, requires alignment with their client’s values as well and a constant broadening of trainers’ understanding of human nature and of the diversity of coping strategies. In other words, there may be patterns and, in very structured and narrow circumstances, individuals may be profiled, but each relationship is unique and trainers must start from here.  
As the sport movement faces an explosion in terms of practitioners, a highly qualified pool of trainers is required. Marian has the vision of connecting the personal trainers (or the managers) with their clients, in order to increase the retention period and the return on investment.
His workshops use NLP techniques, Hypnotic inductions, quantum & metaphoric language and last but not least Rapport building and connection.

Clase / Seminarii

Coach in the mirror

Sambata, 12 Mai - 09:00 - 10:00

Un puternic instrument de dezvoltare personala necesar pentru atingerea celor mai bune rezultate ale clientilor, o baza de resurse si tehnici de programare neuro-lingvistica (NLP) care va va da controlul deplin al procesului de antrenament. Va vom masteriza abilitatile cu un efect direct de crestere a incredere pe care clientii v-o acorda.
Totul are legatura cu accesarea mintii subconstiente a clientilor, pentru a va putea conecta cu acestia la nivelul corect al valorilor personale.
Veti invata cum sa identificati deciziile limitatoare care blocheaza evolutia clientilor vostri, eliminandu-le, pentru a optimiza rezultatele, pentru a le da si mai mult.
Veti invata cum sa identificati strategiile de achizitii ale clientilor si sa instalati unele folositoare pentru misiunea voastra.
De asemenea, veti invata cum sa folositi meta-programe si cuvinte cheie, care vor bloca opozitia clientilor vostri si cum sa le „vindeti” exact acele abilitati ale voastre , de care acestia au mai multa nevoie.
Credeti ca clientii vostri isi cunosc limitele? Ce ar fi daca v-as spune ca mesaje cu efect pozitiv ar putea fi „instalate” in mintile clientilor vostri schimbandu-le strategiile logice? Da, acest lucru este posibil folosind NLP si inductia hipnotica.
Antrenamentul ecologic- o paradigma a eticii