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Fitness Scandinavia offers you Internationally accredited courses within the domain of fitness. Before signing up please choose which country you are intending to participate.

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Roxana Calin


Este instructor de cycling si antrenor personal.
Ciclismul este pasiunea ei, participand la numeroase competitii outdoor, unde a obtinut medalii si a ocupat un loc pe podium.
A participat la Conventia Fitness Scandinavia 2018, Carpathian Tour 2017, Transylvania Cycling Challenge 2017.
Stie sa-si motiveze si sa-si incurajeze cursantii si practicand ciclismul autentic, intelege stransa legatura dintre acesta si ciclismul indoor.
Motto: " When your legs get tired, cycle with your heart! "

Clase / Seminarii

Rock the Rhythm

Sambata, 12 Mai - 11:30 - 12:30

O clasa HEE ce combina muzica clasica cu ritmuri rock pe tehnicile Schwinn Cycling: Seated, Standing, Combo Flat si Hill.A High End Endurance class that combines the classical music with the rock rhythms using theSchwinn Cycling techniques: Seated, standing, Combo Flat and Hill.