Nutritionist course

This course has 24 credits


8 April - 22 October 2017 Timisoara


Choosing the right food and opting for a healthy lifestyle has become an international trend. To cover this important branch of the fitness industry, Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to register at the Technician Nutritionist held in collaboration with some of the most respected teachers in Nutrition and gastrotehnie: Dr. Antoinette Cretu, Cori Gramescu and Gabriela Berechet.

On completion of the course of eight months, you will be authorized as a technician Nutritionist.

Technician Nutritionist Course is a complex course, with many theoretical details, created by some of the most renowned specialists in the field: Dr. Antoinette Ms. Cretu, Mrs. Dr. Anca Popescu, Cori Gramescu nutrition specialist, Gabriela Berechet, PhD in engineering sciences and HACCP quality auditor and Gabriela Nedelea nutritionist.

Upon completion of the compulsory 8 months of 16 sessions with 8 hours organized also in weekend, you will be authorized to be hired as a nutritionist in the following areas: hospitals, kindergartens, After-Schools, Asylums for old people, hotels, beauty centers, catering companies, fitness clubs and more.

All the 16 sessions runs approximately with one month distance between them. Their format is focused on theory with practical elements presentation, which will be used for future technician nutritionists in their future professions.
The practice is supported individual: homemade themes, projects presented and volunteer sessions. The course will not have practical cooking individual sessions and trainers will not participate with any participant in centers that they will offer themselfs as volunteers. Evaluation of practical segment of the course will be conducted by tests, homework and projects.

Volunteer centers where participants can do practice will be found by course participants. Our recommendations are:
  • public or private hospitals / clinics
  • Kindergartens public / private
  • After school public / private
  • Schools public / private
  • Retirement old public / private
  • Caterers
  • Restaurants
  • offices of nutritionists
  • Clubs wellness / fitness
Course content:
Nutrition course lasts eight months - a total of 1167 hours divided into two binding methods: Theory and Practice. We want to help students and we suggest the following course structure:
1. THEORY: 386 hours structured as follows:
  • Seminars with this requirement: 96 hours
  • Individual study: 288 hours as follows:
  • 2 hrs / day for 6 days a week for 24 weeks
2. PRACTICE: 781 hours of case studies, volunteer projects, structured as follows:
  • study individually or in groups (optional)
  • 5:00 / day for 6 days a week for 16 weeks
  • Project case studies
  • 7:00 / day for 6 days a week for 6 weeks
  • Volunteer Project
  • 7:00 / day for 5-7 days (u longer the voluntary period, the score is higher)
We are eager to offer you the essential basics in practicing this very interesting and beautiful profession. We want to qualified and authorized technician nutritionists for them to be able to offer viable and professional solutions for people needs in the future.
Evaluation of course participants will be transparent and accurate based on the results after this, tests, projects and themes taught in mandatory deadline set by the teacher.
We don’t guarantee entry into the exam with Commission members from the Ministry if the demands of course weren’t delivered by participants.
Learn the secrets of food and be ready to educate the new generation with us. Attend the course.

Course content

Cursul de Nutritie are o durata de 8 luni – in total 1167 ore impartite in 2 metode obligatorii: Teorie si Practica. Dorim sa venim in ajutor cursantilor si va propunem urmatoarea structura de curs:

1.    TEORIE: 386 ore structurate dupa cum urmeaza:

  • Seminarii cu prezenta obligatorie: 96 ore
  • Studiu individual: 288 ore astfel:
  • 2 ore/zi timp de 6 zile pe saptamana timp de 24 de saptamani

2.    PRACTICA: 781 ore de studii de caz, voluntariat, proiecte, structurate dupa cum urmeaza:

  • Studiu individual sau in grup  (la alegere)
  • 5 ore/zi timp de 6 zile pe saptamana timp de 16 saptamani
  • Proiect studii de caz
  • 7 ore/zi timp de 6 zile pe saptamana timp de 6 saptamani
  • Proiect Voluntariat
  • 7 ore/zi timp de 5-7 zile ( u cat este mai lunga perioada de voluntariat, cu atat punctajul este mai mare)
Suntem nerabdatori sa va oferim bazele esentiale in a practica aceasta meserie deosebit de interesanta si frumoasa.  Dorim sa calificam si autorizam viitori Tehnicieni nutritionisti care sa fie capabili sa ofere oamenilor solutii viabile si profesioniste pentru nevoile lor.
Evaluarea participantilor la curs va fi transparenta si corecta pe baza rezultatelor in urma prezentei, testelor, proiectelor si temelor obligatorii predate in termenul stabilit de catre profesor.

NU garantam intrarea in examenul final cu membrii Comisiei de la Minister in cazul in care nu au fost indeplinite cerintele cursului.

Invata secretele alimentatiei si fii gata sa poti educa noi generatii alaturi de noi. Participa la curs.


The price for this course is: 2800.00 RON
Payment can be done in full by Credit card, bank transfer, and cash or by PayPal.
It can also be done in rates as following:

  • Rate 1: 1000 RON - When you register for the course
  • Rate 2: 600 RON - Minimum two months before the course starts
  • Rate 3: 600 RON - Minimum one month before the course starts
  • Rate 4: 600 RON - Minimum two weeks before the course starts

8 April - 22 October 2017 Timisoara


#1 meeting & #2 meeting 8 - 9 April 2017

Nutrition and dietotherapy
  • The energetic metabolism
  • The nutrients
  • The water
  • The food
  • The rations and nutritional status
  • The homework presantation
  • The plicometer measurements, tanita scale, metric band
  • The voluntary work

#3 meeting & #4 meeting 13 - 14 May 2017

Nutrition and dietotherapy
  • The characteristics of food through life
  • The dietotherapy in cardiovascular, renal, digestive and metabolism ilness
  • The nutrition for athlets
  • The plicometer measurements and body composition measurement
  • The homework presantation
  • The test

#5 meeting & #6 meeting 3 - 4 June 2017

Anatomy and physiology
  • The respiratory system
  • The exercise capacity
  • The restoration
  • The bones
  • The cardiovascular system
  • The muscular system
  • The physiology of metabolism
  • Test
  • The homework presentation
  • The final project presentation
  • Practice: anthropometric measurements
  • Types of somatic constitutions
  • Diets On somatic types

#7 meeting & #8 meeting 1 - 2 July 2017

Personalized nutritional intervention
  • The nutrition and urban folklore
  • How does the nutrition consultation takes place?
  • The lifestyle assesment
  • Alternative systems of diets
  • Practice: roleplaying and making of diets; teamwork
  • Homework presentation
  • Handing the volunteer sheets

#9 meeting & #10 meeting 29 - 30 July 2017

  • Methodologies and applications in the popular diets
We reserve the right to modify the dates if we see it necessary.

#11 meeting & #12 meeting 26 - 27 August 2017

  • Direct communication with the client
  • How can we establish the objectives for the right diet of our client
We reserve the right to modify the dates if we see it necessary.

#13 meeting & #14 meeting 23 - 24 September 2017

Case study project delivery
  • Gastrotechny
  • Practice - diets; roleplaying; teamwork
  • Test
  • Homework presentation
  • NLP
  • Volunteering feedback

#15 meeting & #16 meeting 21 - 22 October 2017

Review, Feedback, Exam with the ministry of education
  • Final project & homeworks feedback;
  • Practice - roleplaying; teamwork
  • Review
  • Final exam
We reserve the right to modify the dates if we see it necessary

8 April - 22 October 2017 Timisoara

Location - Hotel Lido

Iosif Bulbuca Boulevard, no 20, Timisoara, Timis

8 April - 22 October 2017 Timisoara

Terms & Conditions


You have 5 days to pay the price of the course so that you can keep your place in the course that you have chosen. The registration price is non refundable except in the case of illness or injury. In this case we will require a medical certificate from an authorized doctor. The last cancelation day in the case of illness or injury is 14 days before the course. After that the price of the course is non refundable.

In the case of illness or injury during the course or before the course, you will not be refunded but you will be offered to take the course on another suitable occasion such as the following: in the cases of injury we will be able to reschedule you in another course/ event in a maximum period of 6 months; in the case of pregnancy we will be able to reschedule you on another course/ event in a maximum period of one and a half years. We will require a medical certificate from an authorized doctor confirming your illness or injury.

We will not be held responsible for any illness or injury attained during the course.

We recommend that you are fit and healthy to attend our course. Your registration to this course is your consent in our recommendation. Your registration to this course is also your assurance to us that are fit and healthy to attend our course and that you agree that we will not be held responsible for any illness or injury attained during our course.  

We reserve the right to change the content, the hours, the dates, the location and the teachers of this course.

We kindly ask you to respect our rules and regulations during the entire duration of the course.

8 April - 22 October 2017 Timisoara

Examination system

This nutrition course has a duration of 8 months which includes a total of 1080 hours and are divided into 2 mandatory methods of education as following:

  • Theory 360 hours (big groups, smaller groups and individually)
  • Practical 720 hours (group exercises, group home works, individual exercises and individual projects)

  • Every time you meet in the big groups you will go through mandatory theory content and you will be given homework and projects which are mandatory to be done. You will be given a deadline to deliver and failing to deliver upon these deadlines can result in failing the course.  
  • A big part of your exam will be done in a case study project which will have a deadline of around 2 months. All necessary information on how to conduct this project will be given during the course.
  • On the last meeting occasion with the big group you will receive one final exam which will be conducted by the ministry of education.  Invitation to participate on this final exam will be based upon your performance on all projects, homework and tests conducted during the 8 months nutrition course.

8 April - 22 October 2017 Timisoara


Course price: 2800.00 RON

Payment methods accepted:
Cash, directly at our headquarters
Bank transfer
Online with a Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card
Online via PayPal

Payment can also be done in rates as following:

  • Rate 1: 1000 RON - When you register for the course
  • Rate 2: 600 RON - Minimum two months before the course starts
  • Rate 3: 600 RON - Minimum one month before the course starts
  • Rate 4: 600 RON - Minimum two weeks before the course starts

8 April - 22 October 2017 Timisoara


For more information on courses

Andra Iancu

+40 735 559 251

Viviana Badea

+40 727 347 761

Anita Cojocaru

+40 735 559 252


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