Personal Trainer Course (Level 2)

This course has 12 credits


11 - 26 Iulie 2020 Timisoara

1900 RON


School Fitness Scandinavia invites fitness instructors at Personal Trainer Course (Level 2) divided into 3 categories: training for sports performance; Strength and increse fitness level for different categories of population and business in the field of personal training.
This course is designed to enrich their knowledge of fitness trainers and offer career development opportunities.
You will find detailed below some useful information for the 3 types of category during the course of Personal Trainer Level 2, objectives and expected outcomes.

Training for sports performance:

Continuing education course for training for athletic performance and endurance tests provide detailed exercise progressions that you will achieve maximum athletic potential. While you improve each progression you will be prepared to get better in stability and balance, reaction time, strength and power of the core community.

Course objectives for Category: training for sports performance:
1. Develop skills to assess functional resistance training athletes and creating a proper order: increasing the potential for muscle growth (Body Building), improving the physical condition of athletes to have remarkable results in competitions and achieve their maximum potential.
2. Learning to use functional training techniques to help athletes become stronger and faster, develop movement skills, posture and body explosive power, features essential for competitive sports.
3. The assimilation of knowledge needed to create balanced programs: hips and biceps femoris; the resistance of the upper body plyometric training and strength and prevent injury.

Results of course:
1. You'll know how to use progressions to develop core's strength, upper body and lower body, as tremendously improves a stability, balance, reaction time and endurance and core strength's for athletes,  you will train and know how to apply effective sports programs and analyze the requirements of a specific sport.
2. You know how to add functionality in your programs.

Strength and increasing fitness level for different categories of population:

This course provides general knowledge for trainer to increase endurance and strength of various categories of population, such as people age 3, pregnant women, children. These guidelines include teaching strategies and methods of training, detailed instructions for functional training, modifications to suit the needs of each client, alternative exercises using body weight and elastic bands, progression and evaluations.
In this course you will learn how to recognize an individual's needs and be able to communicate effectively with them and motivate them to help them achieve their goals. Instructors will learn how to set short and long term goals. The course also provides advanced knowledge on various topics Creating programs for instructors to develop in a safe and effective programming exercise. It includes topics such as: balance / symmetry muscles, mobility exercises, progressions, periodization, individual variability, motivational factors and more.

Course objectives for Category: Strength and increase fitness level  for various categories of the population:
1. Assimilation knowledge necessary in training methods for pregnant women.
2. Learning techniques to reduce the risk of diseases including arthritis symptoms, diabetes and osteoporosis for people age 3rd.
3. Learning training methods for children and specific programs designed for different categories of population.

Results of course:
1. You will gain knowledge of current health condition assessment of your customers and their level of fitness.
2. You will be able to create and schedule workouts for different categories of population.
3. You know the principles of resistance and increase fitness levels for different categories of population.

In the personal training business:
The instructor course will provide general knowledge and will help to find a niche in the fitness industry, that will help to transform an idea into a successful business which makes profit.

The objective of the course and outcome of the category: personal training business
In this course you will know how to manage and grow a business in the fitness segment: Personal Trainer. You will learn the secrets of the craft and how to manage it. Our propose is that the graduates of this course to become personal trainer with successful business and outstanding results.

We presented the benefits of our Personal Trainer Course (Level 2) above. If you find yourself in one of the three categories mentioned and you want to develop yourself more, sign up now to our course.
We are waiting for you.


The price for this course is: 1900.00 RON
Payment can be done in full by Credit card, bank transfer, and cash or by PayPal.
Payment can also be done in rates of maximum 2.
The benefit of  payment in rates has an additional cost of: 200 RON

  • Rate 1: 1050 RON - When you register for the course
  • Rate 1: 1050 RON - Minimum two weeks before the course starts

11 - 26 Iulie 2020 Timisoara


Weekend 1 11 - 12 Iulie 2020

Day 1 Functional Training for athletic performance Part 1
  • 1.Know the science of adding functionality to your programming
  • 2.Know how to dramatically improve your athletes’ stability and balance,
  • 3.Know how to dramatically improve your athletes’ reaction time
  • 4.Know how to dramatically improve your athletes’  core strength
Day 2 Functional Training for athletic performance Part 2
  • 1.Understand how to assess your athletes’ Functional Strength
  • 2.Understand how to design your program
  • 3.Understand how to design programs for hips and hamstrings
  • 4.Understand how to design programs for balanced upper body strength and stability

Weekend 2 25 - 26 Iulie 2020

Day 3 Functional Training for athletic performance Part 3
  • 1.Learn how to develop movement skills, body position and explosive power essential for sport performance
  • 2.Learn effective strength tests and for your athletes
  • 3.Know how to analyze the demands of a specific sport
  • 4.Understand how to design programs for plyometric training, power and injury prevention
Day 4 Strength and conditioning for special populations
  • 1.Learn training strategies for pregnancy
  • 2.Learn how to reduce risk of disease including decreased symptoms of arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis for senior populations
  • 3.Learn how to apply training protocols to children
  • 4.Learn the specific program design for special populations
  • 5.Learn how to manage and grow your Personal Fitness Training Business

11 - 26 Iulie 2020 Timisoara

Location - NEXT FIT


11 - 26 Iulie 2020 Timisoara

Terms & Conditions


You have 5 days to pay the price of the course so that you can keep your place in the course that you have chosen. The registration price is non refundable except in the case of illness or injury. In this case we will require a medical certificate from an authorized doctor. The last cancelation day in the case of illness or injury is 14 days before the course. After that the price of the course is non refundable.

In the case of illness or injury during the course or before the course, you will not be refunded but you will be offered to take the course on another suitable occasion such as the following: in the cases of injury we will be able to reschedule you in another course/ event in a maximum period of 6 months; in the case of pregnancy we will be able to reschedule you on another course/ event in a maximum period of one and a half years. We will require a medical certificate from an authorized doctor confirming your illness or injury.

We will not be held responsible for any illness or injury attained during the course.

We recommend that you are fit and healthy to attend our course. Your registration to this course is your consent in our recommendation. Your registration to this course is also your assurance to us that are fit and healthy to attend our course and that you agree that we will not be held responsible for any illness or injury attained during our course.  

We reserve the right to change the content, the hours, the dates, the location and the teachers of this course.

We kindly ask you to respect our rules and regulations during the entire duration of the course.

11 - 26 Iulie 2020 Timisoara

Examination system

This course has a total of 40 hours which are divided into theoretical and practical seminars.  
These 40 Hours are divided into 2 seminar weekends all of which must be successfully completed.
On the last day of the final weekend you will receive a final test which will be overlooked by a representative from the Romanian Ministry of education.
Tests will consist of theoretical and practical elements all of which must be successfully completed so that you may receive your license.

11 - 26 Iulie 2020 Timisoara


Course price: 1900.00 RON

Payment methods accepted:
Cash, directly at our headquarters
Bank transfer
Online with a Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card
Online via PayPal

Payment can also be done in rates of maximum 2.
The benefit of  payment in rates has an additional cost of: 200 RON

  • Rate 1: 1050 RON - When you register for the course
  • Rate 1: 1050 RON - Minimum two weeks before the course starts

11 - 26 Iulie 2020 Timisoara


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22 - 23 Mai 2021 / Bucuresti

S.F.T (SURFACE FREE TRAINING) (Suspension fitness)

This workshop has 6 credits


Surface free training is one of the hottest new functional training concepts to hit the market. You can find it in most fitness clubs and now even in normal people’s homes. Surface free training is very fun, effective but not always easy to do. You need guidance in safety and in exercise execution and therefore it’s highly recommended that you take an introduction course that offers you the fundamental principles of the above. Fitness Scandinavia is happy to introduce S.F.T. (Surface free training). It is a concept created in Greece by the international master trainer: Dimitris Gourgos  

In our S.F.T.  level 1 workshop you will learn the fundamental principles of surface free training. You will also learn how to incorporate this kind of training into your PT sessions and into your classes. S.F.T training utilizes all planes of motion and targets your core stabilizers to improve functional movement and increase performance.

S.F.T will improve your personal training sessions and business using this truly integrated training concept, bridging the gap between movement, strength, fun and safety. Dimitris Gourgos has designed this concept not only so that you can have great PT sessions and great classes, but he makes it even easier to integrate this unique training tool alongside other training accessories within the same exercise session such as: Bosu, fit-balls, etc.)
18 Iunie - 5 August 2021 / Bucuresti


This course has 24 credits

Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PILATES ™. The program was created by Italian international fitness master, CEO and founder of Italy Fitness Association (IFA) - Crocetta and Stefano and brought by us in Romania.
19 Iunie 2021 / Bucuresti


This workshop has 3 credits

STRESS = the body's reaction to any condition or change that requires a new or quick response and an adjustment that takes us out of comfort = CORTIZOL DISCHARGE = EXCESS
BURNOUT = is defined as a consequence of a prolonged period of stress, leading to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion caused by daily stressors, causing total loss of energy, motivation, self-esteem and sometimes abandonment = POWERFUL OXIDATIVE STRESS. In simple terms, the installation of chronic fatigue, with strong effects on the whole body, especially on the entire hormonal system.
In burnout = CORTIZOL DISCHARGE DEFICIENCY as a result of constant excess discharge
Women are more likely to develop burnout syndrome, but men are not shunned either.
Therefore, nutrition is extremely important and nutritional deficiencies inevitably lead to a decrease in the ability of all organs and systems to function, which if not corrected affects physical, mental and mental health ... slowly but surely.
Thus, the organs that help to adapt the body to various conditions, implicitly to stress, without the nutrition they need, will not help us prevent the installation of burnout or get out of it.
Codruta is a patient with 2 autoimmune diseases and who experienced burnout syndrome twice, the second time, because she didn’t have all the information necessary for an effective management of burnout syndrome. Thus, for the first time she did not take important steps and this was felt at an interval of a few months, when the symptoms of burnout were more accentuated in the context of a strong emotional stress. The second time, having all the necessary tools, she overcame the critical stage more easily and continued a personalized protocol, respecting the key points in the management of burnout syndrome. Now, although she still experiences severe mental stress, like most people due to the coronavirus pandemic, she has that balance that makes her able to control her attitude toward daily challenges. Without a proper diet and a program of concrete functional food supplements, she would not have been able to balance it with everything around her.
For this reason, with joy and enthusiasm, she comes with you to share the results with her and with the clients she supported to help her body, not through purely theoretical notions but also through the presentation of 2 case studies.

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