Valentin Ignat

Cluj Napoca

VALENTIN IGNAT attended the following courses:


VALENTIN IGNAT attended the following workshops:

    Level: 1
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Fitness Scandinavia

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5 - 27 Septembrie 2020 / Sibiu

Fitness instructor course Sibiu

This course has 24 credits

We invite you to a course where we will present the secrets of an entire industry. Besides your training as authorized Fitness instructor, you will acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This course introduces you to the world of fitness and teaches you how to create a functional relationship between trainer and client.
24 - 25 Octombrie 2020 / Bucuresti

INDOOR CYCLING EDUCATION powered by FS & Matrix (Level 1)

This workshop has 6 credits

The Indoor cycling  education by FS & Matrix is designed for instructors with no previous experience in indoor cycling teaching. This level provides participants with a solid foundation in order to enhance their knowledge and further their career prospects.

If you are looking for an indoor cycling education that will give you everything that you need to teach an  excellent class then this is the moment that you have been waiting for. MATRIX indoor cycling education is on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest sports science of class design, cycling biomechanics, fitness test, communication, motivational techniques and exercising to music. MATRIX  makes it their mission to deliver only the best training equipment and the best training education.  
Anyone who is looking  to become an Indoor Cycling Instructor or is looking to improve his his/her health status can join this course. This course is created to give real and functional instructions to those who are looking teach indoor cycling on a daily basis. This course is also created with a desire to motivate and to inspire all future instructors that upon graduation they will be able to teach their classes in a safe, effective and professional manner. We look forward to having you as our participant in our MATRIX course.  

5 Septembrie 2020 / Bucuresti


This workshop has 2 credits

The FS team is very happy to announce that we are organising an outdoor event where you can come and meet some of the most incredible master trainers in Romania. Our event is scheduled to take place in a football field where there will be lots of space to move around and exercise in safety and in accordance with official social distance measures. Due to this reason participation in this event is limited so therefore you have to hurry to secure your place as soon as possible.  If you are looking for an energy boost of positive vibes after a long lockdown without social interaction with other humans then this event is for you.  Come and join us on an event where you can be yourself with likeminded people. This will be an outdoor event with the possibility of using umbrellas if it rains.

09.00-10.00:        Intense body change          Alex Valah
10.15-11.15:        Animal flow                     Tiberiu Vintiloiu    
11.30-12.30:        Strength interval (light kettlebell)  Elias Mayan-na /Alex Muresanu
12.45-13.45:        Yoga                            Veronica Alexe /Georgiana Buta
14.00-15.00:              FIGHT KLUB (Khai bo)            Adrian Borozan
15.15-16.15        Primal movement & Mobility        Adrian Dumitrascu / Papa Faye
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