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  • 2012-12-09 AEROBICS COURSE

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24 Aprilie 2021 / Bucuresti

How to look fabulous at any age - a workshop for anti-ageing and well-being

This workshop has 3 credits

Do you want to look fabulous, to feel energetic, and to vibrate regardless of your age? Do you want everlasting youth?
Love yourself, choose yourself and come to our workshop "How to look fabulous at any age".
It is a workshop addressed to any person passionate about well-being, energy, beauty and who wants to form healthy habits that can prevent, balance or improve the various changes that occur with age.
Our body changes whether you are 20 or 30 or over 40! Hormonal fluctuations can affect metabolism and digestion. That is why we come here for you with information that will help you stay or improve both your inner and outer beauty.
10 Aprilie - 9 Mai 2021 / Galati

Fitness instructor course Galati

This course has 24 credits

We invite you to a course where we will present the secrets of an entire industry. Besides your training as authorized Fitness instructor, you will acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This course introduces you to the world of fitness and teaches you how to create a functional relationship between trainer and client.
27 Martie - 19 Septembrie 2021 / Bucuresti

ONLINE Nutritionist course

This course has 24 credits

ONLINE Nutritionist course
Choosing the right food and opting for a healthy lifestyle has become an international trend. To cover this important branch of the fitness industry, Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to register at the Technician Nutritionist held in collaboration with some of the most respected teachers in Nutrition and gastro technique: Dr. Antoinette Cretu and Gabriela Berechet.

On completion of the course of eight months, you will be authorized as a technician Nutritionist.

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