22 - 23 Iunie 2019 Bucuresti

This workshop has 6 credits

Fitness Scandinavia is constantly striving to bring to you NEW and exciting fitness programs that your clients will LOVE.

NOW we bring to you our new and very exciting aqua fitness program: AQUASHAPE™

AQUASHAPE™ is designed to tone muscles, to burn fat and calories an offers a wonderful program of Aerobics conditioning. In water, all these objectives can be achieved in the same workout. This workout is perfect for beginners to advanced levels, even if you have not worked in water before or you do not know how to swim, because it is a friendly workout and that will keep you fit and in shape.
Waterproof provides tone, strengthens and defines your muscles. The large movements of the legs and arms offer an Aerobics workout designed to burn fat and to strengthen your cardiovascular system. In water, the gravity is almost zero and determines you to work your abs to and joints. Fast movements are heavy and the water level should be up to the chest so that your hands will be under water when they are in work. My experience is more in deep pools, so during the course, I will give you more options of exercises made in plunge pools.
When we add equipment such as dumbbells, balls which have no weight outside, exercises really get tough, because working with them underwater, muscles will tone and it will be a cardio workout.
During a class of 60 minutes, abdominal muscles are uptight all the time. Also, during the class, we are going through all muscle groups and if we do it correctly you can feel the whole body after class. We sweat a lot even if we do not seen or feel.
Aqua Class is for every man or woman of any age and it is recommended for pregnant and post-natal women, recovery after surgery, injury or disability or only for pleasure.
In water, there is no impact on the joints or bones. Pregnant women or the elder ones, who usually have problems with balance, have no risk of doing exercises.
I expect you to find in the world water pleasure, relaxing moments, but also a cardio workout.

Benefits of water workouts are:
  • Water is 800 times denser than air.
  • Movement under water is 14 times more difficult than on the ground.
  • Water environment is naturally relaxing.
  • Underwater complex balancing exercises
  • The water provides a safe environment and lowers the chances of sport injures.
    What you will get
    • At the end of this workshop you will learn how to execute AQUASHAPE™ classes
    • You will receive 2 DVD with routines to teach
    • You will receive 2 CD’s to use for classes
    • You will receive a workshop manual containing exercises and explanations
With a long and impressive career of over 20 years in fitness and dance industry, Liora Zytcer chose to locate and to make a career in Romania because of the market potential. But she also made this choice because she considered that her experience and expertise obtained in her native country, Israel can be useful and valuable.
As a talented instructor, Liora managed to impose herself as a respectable figure in Romanian fitness industry, both through her fitness programs and trainings developed at the gyms or presented at conventions and sport events, but also as a TV star because of a successful show with a big audience.
At the young age of 16, Liora started teaching dance and aerobics classes and at 21 years old she finished the military stage as an officer and opened her own dance studio and gym in Haifa. She finished Sports College with a specialty in aerobics and toning and got many various accreditations for group fitness. She also has arts specialization and Project Management specialization.
Her Motto: "I can make more than 100 people to move together with me in a very energetic show you don’t want to miss. >> Don’t forget to smile! << “

Workshop contents

NEW fitness program for gyms
Safety in water
Fat burning
Upper body training
Lower body training
How to use training accessories in water
Correct posture in water

Workshop program

Saturday (09.00 - 17.00)
Sunday (09.00 - 16.00)


Club Omnix
Strada Scolii, nr. 40A,
in incinta complexului rezidential
Omnix City, Voluntari, Ilfov,


500 RON

TVA inclus


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