Foam-roll stretch & release workshop

25 - 26 Mai 2019 Bucuresti

This workshop has 6 credits

The most overlooked component of injury prevention and fast progress is soft-tissue quality. Prep your muscles for a workout, treat day-to-day stiffness and loosen things up. Foam Roll Release classes are a great way to learn how to perform self-myofascial release of trigger points in the muscles. Trigger points are sore spots that form within muscles or tendons. Foam rolling is a way of massaging away muscle soreness in trigger points and preparing your muscles for deeper stretching.  Myofascial release foam roll classes are based on the fact that loosening up the connective tissues increases muscle flexibility, in addition to reducing pain. The cylinder-shaped foam rollers are made of varying densities, which can be used to vary the pressure applied. In foam rolling classes, you will learn a variety of different ways to use the foam roller,  foam roll classes are also great for the hamstrings, neck, lats, quadriceps, trapezius, and other areas of the body. In addition to being used for myofascial release , foam rollers can also be used for stability exercises. This involves using the roller as a platform for exercises that require core strength, such as squats. When practiced on a regular basis,  can also help reduce the risk of muscular injuries, help improve posture, and the overall well-being of muscles and joints. The classes are also beneficial before and after weight training, cardio exercises, or other types of workouts.

Liora Zytcer
Training experience - 20 years

Liora Zytcer has an impressive fitness career that begun over 20 years ago. Her fist passion was profession dance which she loved more than anything else. Later she discovered fitness and a new passion was introduced into her life. Liora’s native country is Israel and it is the country where her fitness and dance career begun. Liora’s fitness journey is impressive not to say the least. She has had the privilege of owning her own fitness club in Israel and later when she moved to Romania she worked with everyone who was anyone in the fitness industry. Liora has been the manager of some of the biggest fitness clubs in Bucharest which includes World-class, Pescariu sports & spa and 168 sports club. After a period over 15 years in Romania Liora is now one of the most influential fitness personalities in the country.

Workshop contents

-How to improve your Flexibility
-How to improve your Strength
-How to find your trigger points
-Class design, cueing, breathing
-Foam roll exercises
-Myofacial release exercises
-Posture and alignment
-Added benefits of foam rolling
-Safety tips

Workshop program

Saturday (09.00 - 18.00)
Sunday (09.00 - 17.00)


Putul Lui Zamfir street no. 37, 2nd floor


550 RON

TVA inclus


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