Anna Szilagyi


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Anna Szilagyi is a reference point in fitness for Cluj and the well-behaved kid that makes her parents dream a reality.

Her mother’s dream was to become a physical education teacher but sadly, life was tough and she couldn’t finish her studies. Anna on the other hand had all the opportunities in the world and from an early age, craved sports.

In her second year of primary school she started running track, up until year four when she started preparing for choreography school by taking up ballet in year five. Her previous athletics training caused her muscular development to be unsuitable for dance but all the while she kept practicing aerobics in school. During years three and four she participated in two inter-school competitions winning both in all age groups.

After secondary school she continued practicing modern dance and volley ball and in the next 6-7 years got better and better at it, even making the high school team. Volley ball is her favorite sport to this day.

Her life changed in year two of university when a person very close to her recommended that she started teaching aerobics in a local gym to release some excess energy. Gradually she became a professional reaching higher and higher levels, taking courses upon courses and eventually after 10 years becoming a top representative for sports in Cluj. She is now a vital contact for most gyms when they look for professional staff.

She has started teaching Pilates, a field that she’s held close to her heart along the years, Pilates. Her classes take place at the sport & wellness complex where she is now an assistant manager.

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16 Noiembrie 2019 - 14 Iunie 2020 / Iasi

Nutritionist course IASI

This course has 24 credits

Choosing the right food and opting for a healthy lifestyle has become an international trend. To cover this important branch of the fitness industry, Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to register at the Technician Nutritionist held in collaboration with some of the most respected teachers in Nutrition and gastro technique: Dr. Antoinette Cretu and Gabriela Berechet.

On completion of the course of eight months, you will be authorized as a technician Nutritionist.
21 Septembrie - 13 Octombrie 2019 / Cluj-Napoca

Fitness instructor course Cluj

This course has 24 credits

We invite you to a course where we will present the secrets of an entire industry. Besides your training as authorized Fitness instructor, you will acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This course introduces you to the world of fitness and teaches you how to create a functional relationship between trainer and client.
19 - 27 Octombrie 2019 / Bucuresti

Personal trainer course (level 2) Bucuresti

This course has 12 credits

Fitness Scandinavia School invites fitness instructors to the Personal Trainer Course (Level 2), divided into 3 categories: training for sports performance; Strength and increasing fitness levels for different categories of population and business in the field of personal training.
This course is designed to enrich the knowledge of fitness trainers and offer career development opportunities.

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