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Our brand came into being in 2009 and after the first year has become one of the top fitness education companies in Romania. 600 trainers and sports enthusiasts joined our program only in the first few years. Today we pride ourselves with a solid team, over 6000 clients, the biggest annual fitness convention in Romania, a yoga festival and our own brand of training concepts.

Fitness Scandinavia provides services for fitness enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike. Our portfolio is comprised of professional fitness education, workshops on new and effective fitness concepts, conventions, congresses, fitness camps and many more.

Because one of the company founders is from Norway we are constantly inspired by the level of excellence achieved in the fitness industry in Scandinavia, that mentality will keep shaping and guiding our activity pursuits.


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22 Februarie - 15 Martie 2020 / Bucuresti

Aerobics course Bucuresti

This course has 24 credits

If you love to work with people and to work in groups, then this is the course for you. Our aerobics education is approved and accredited by the Romanian ministry of education. It is also approved by the European Fitness Association (EFA).

After successfully completing this education you will become an authorized group-training instructor who is licensed to guide people in the wonderful ways of health and fitness.  This course authorizes you to teach and conduct group fitness classes in a healthy and professional environment.  
29 Februarie - 27 Septembrie 2020 / Craiova

Nutritionist course CRAIOVA

This course has 24 credits

Fitness Scandinavia’s nutrition course (technician nutritionist) is one of the most cutting in the is based on the lasts research in the very wide and interesting domain.   This course has been designed to serve an increasing demand of professional nutritionist. Needless to say that acquiring the fitness Scandinavia’s license of a nutritionist will propel you to the forefront of an industry which has a very bright future.    
29 Februarie - 22 Martie 2020 / Craiova

Fitness instructor course Craiova

This course has 24 credits

Our personal trainer course gives you a great foundation for you to conduct one-to-one training sessions.

Our instructor course focuses on how you as a personal trainer can meet various clients physical needs and it gives you fundaments knowledge in anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics. Our main exercise platform is functional training which is one of the most exciting fitness trends ever to enter the international fitness industry.

After completing our 120-hour course, you can be accredited by one of the best educational companies in Europe, EREPS, if you join the institution with a small cost. You will receive guaranteed accreditation from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor in Romania.
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Antrenamentul cu cele mai bune exercitii pentru cresterea testosteronului

Thursday, 13 February 2020

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This article is available only in Romanian version.
De-a lungul anilor, atat cercetatorii, cat si antrenorii de top au incercat sa gaseasca formula de antrenament ideala pentru cresterea nivelului testosteronului (unul dintre hormonii principali care sustin dezvoltarea musculara), prin metode teoretice si empirice, bazandu-se pe diversi parametri de antrenament. Astazi vom vedea care sunt exercitiile pe care trebuie sa le includem in antrenamentul pentru cresterea acestui hormon esential cresterii in masa musculara.
Stiinta antrenamentului pentru cresterea masei musculare.
Deja se implinesc cateva decenii de cand cercetatorii au tot incercat sa gaseasca legatura intre anumite exercitii si felul in care acestea influenteaza cresterea nivelului hormonului masculin in timpul si dupa antrenament.


14 efecte benefice ale vitaminei C pentru organism

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

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This article is available only in Romanian version.
Vitamina C este o vitamina esentiala (nu poate  fi produsa de catre corpul uman) cunoscuta si sub denumirea de acid ascorbic. Ea reprezinta unul dintre cei mai siguri si mai eficienti nutrienti, printre beneficiile sale numarandu-se protejarea organismului impotriva deficientelor imunitare, a bolilor cardiovasculare, a problemelor prenatale, a bolilor de ochi si chiar impotriva imbatranirii pielii.


Cata apa trebuie sa bem zilnic si care este rolul sau in organism?

Thursday, 06 February 2020

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This article is available only in Romanian version.
Consumul de lichide este absolut obligatoriu daca vrem sa avem un stil de viata sanatos. insa desi cu totii putem conveni asupra faptului ca pentru a ne mentine organismul functional la parametri optimi, cantitatea de apa pe care trebuie sa o consumam pare ca ne da batai de cap. Care este adevarul? trebuie  toti sa consumam 2 litri de lichide zilnic sau e doar un mit?




Fitness Scandinavia is an authorized member of the following organizations:

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  • - Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor


What were your expectations from the Nutritionist Technician course?
My main expectation was to get to know how our body works from a nutritional point of view. Since I am a physician and I have learned a lot of physiology and pathophysiology, in putting knowledge into practice I had shortcomings. I was and I am very interested in obesity, I wanted to understand why we were fattening and how we can lose weight .. how to express it more formally: how to calculate the calorie requirement, how to make a food plan ...?
Especially since I am a physician, I understand the diseases, I know the classes of drugs they treat, but the fact that I can think of the importance of nutrition in different pathologies and that I have learned to prepare food plan on different diseases is a real gain.

What was special?
It seemed to me that we met very serious and dedicated people, who managed to gather us and lead us all at the same level of understanding and knowledge. The fact that the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, gave us the opportunity to ask what we wanted, regardless of the level of question or knowledge. I think that this gives the course a distinct and rarely encountered aspect. Personal questions, simple, banal, are just those points that can help us overcome certain blockage points in our knowledge.

How do you feel, now that you\\\'re done?
Now, after finishing the course, I am on the one hand proud of me; that there are many things that I understand and know, but on the other hand I am in a jungle, in the jungle of nutrition information, which constantly provokes me to seek and study more. I feel like a dry sponge that craves for knowledge and understanding.

What has changed in your life and your vision?
Beyond being able to calculate calories, I see more and more how healthy eating is important. I want to teach others about this, what is healthy food ..., understanding a label ...., selecting the information that overwhelms us from all directions ... and why not, learn to live beautiful?!
We all deserve it.
Kovacs Eniko - anesteziologist, doctor specialist la spitalul pediatric Cluj Napoca
What did you expect from our fitness course?
I enrolled in this course to develop my fitness skills, the information I held was not enough.

What was special?
In the course we had the best tutors to make us realize that the most important thing is communication and to teach us the means we need to transfer our knowledge further, no matter what field we are working on. For me, this information was very helpful, helping me in the daily conversations I have with the clients of the complex, now able to give them personalized advice and guidance.

Why did you choose Fitness Scandinavia?
I chose Scandinavia Fitness because of the information I have received from several sources, it is the most developed fitness school and it meets all my needs and needs.

How did your life change after the course?
Besides having learned and experimented with new exercises for all muscle groups, we also learned elements of anatomy, nutrition, biomechanics and posture.
Tasar Ahmet - (manager Sky Center Ploiesti)
What did you expect from your fitness course?
I started this course because I wanted to be able to accumulate new and quality information in my development in this industry. Thanks to coaches Laurentiu Cical and Octavian Aldea! They explained to me what was truly essential.

What was special?
From the very first day I felt the professionalism of the school, the Master Trainers team. I worked, listened and learned with pleasure, for me these were special moments.

Why did you choose Fitness Scandinavia?
About the quality of the courses and the team I heard from a good friend and former teammate. I choose this school without a doubt.

How did your life change after the course?
Now I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m working in the field and I feel like I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m where I must be. I changed for the better, I grew professionally.
Dogaru Vlad Alexandru - CSM Ploiesti