Food supplements influence on sports yield and on health condition

23 - 24 Februarie 2019 Bucuresti

Gabriela Nedelea
This workshop has 6 credits

The human body has genetic and environmental influence and, as a consequence, the type of constitution is both considered genotype and phenotype. In professional sport, energy consumption causes the body to be deprived of other nutrients and micro-nutrients, so, in different situations, the additional intake is imperative to preserve the long-term health of the athlete. Sports yield is directly proportional to the body's nutritional status, that`s why the quality of dietary supplements makes the difference. When it comes about performance in sport, it is not necessarily called Athlete of High Performance only the Champion or the  Olympian that we know from competition,  so we are addressing to all persons who are exercising systematized parameters that are requiring a default recovery program (training in halls sports, individual and / or group staff training, etc).
Starting from main goals of post-exercise recovery, the regime of supplements for athletes must bring many benefits and optimally influence the recovery, with very few negative effects on the body.
It is very important that a Technician Nutritionist to update the information constantly in the field, because the market is full of offers which are more or less attractive in the sphere of sports supplements and it is desirable to make the best, safe and healthy recommendations.
For the first time, this workshop brings in Romania the concept of continuous training of a Technician Nutritionist, because it involves the knowledge base acquired during 7 months of course, also being added last results of medical research.
It analyzes the composition of main sports supplements present on Romanian market and, beyond all active substances, it gives information about their effects on the body when effort is not set on parameters that require supplementation. Commercials often beautifully “package” negative effects on their administration both on long term or when the body has already resources, so, in this case, the presence of a specialist is recommended.
As long as the effects are seen in time, both positive and negative, our goal is to make recommendations to tip the balance in a positive way, because our students were educated to be guided by the first principle of Hippocrates - Primum NON Nocera !

Workshop contents

  • 1. The presentation of last medical studies based on supplements for athletes;
  • 2. The analyze of the ingredients of the main present on this market area;
  • 3. Pros and cons;
  • 4. The recommendations of supplements ( active substance, formulas , combinations of substances, etc. ) depending on the physical effort;
  • 5. Athletic recovery by pharmacological methods;
  • 6. Natural and synthetic active substances and their metabolism
  • 7. The long - term effect on sport performance versus health condition.

Workshop program

Saturday (09.00 - 17.00)
Sunday (09.00 - 16.00)


Ramada Plaza
Ramada Plaza Bucharest
Str. Poligrafiei nr. 3-5, Sectorul 1
Bucharest, Romania 013704


550 RON

TVA inclus


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