14 - 15 Martie 2020 Bucuresti

This workshop has 6 credits

An intermediate to advance level weekend workshop suited to experienced practitioners and certified 200hr Yoga Graduates. We will look at various aspects of both teaching and practicing yoga, going into further detail beyond the time limitations of the teacher training course. Topics will include; Pranayama, Asana Progressions, Vinyasa Sequencing & Transitions, Yoga Anatomy, Guru complex and coping with mixed ability classes.
You will also have the opportunity to experience the following master-classes: Chakra Yoga, Yoga for Spine health, Yoga with the Pilates Ball and Restorative Yoga.


650 RON

VAT included

Beko Kaygee
Beko is the creator of the fitness Scandinavia's  200 hour yoga alliance accredited yoga course.
International Presenter and Master Trainer, Beko Kaygee has been promoting exercise, health and well being for 18 years. His programs cover a wide range of activities including Dance, Martial Arts & Holistic Health Methods and emphasize making all exercise Fun, Safe and Accessible to anyone.

A former Tutor and Assessor for Industry names such as; YMCAfit™, Redmays Training and FightKlub™ International and currently a Master Trainer for ChiBall™ World Ltd. and the ‘Crunchless Core’™ programs (Burrell Education).

Director of ‘F3 Fitness’, founder of the ‘F3 Tai Chi & Chi Kung Academy’ and presently developing the ‘F3 Yoga School’, Beko is the creator of Yoga Vibes™, Capoeira Fitness (UK), ‘Bend it With Beko’ and ‘Blade’ - the movie inspired workout. As well as both writing for, and appearing in, several mainstream fitness magazines, Beko has also featured in Fitness Instructional DVDs and online downloadable education videos for Fitpro™, Jumpy Bumpy™ and The Fitness Industry Group™.

Though Beko now mainly focuses on Teaching Instructors, Personal Training, Presenting at Conventions and teaching a few weekly Group exercise classes, his career in the fitness industry began as an assistant College Karate Coach and working voluntarily as a gym instructor. Since then roles within the industry have included Company Consultation, Studio Coordination and Club/Fitness Management

Beko has been practicing Yoga for the last 20 years and teaching for over 15 years. In addition to his ‘live in’ training at an ashram in Southern India (Yoga Alliance recognized international qualifications), he has also studied with teachers from all over the world as well as teaching in several countries himself  and continues to attend regular seminars and workshops to further his learning.

Over the years, Beko has worked for several organizations as a Tutor and Assessor and has been presenting as a ‘Mind & Body Specialist’ for all the major UK Fitness Conventions since 1999. Additionally, Beko has presented Yoga master classes at the Nike Convention in Belgium, Tik Jumps in Lithuania, Lausanne University in Switzerland, Mbrace Convention in Portugal, FitCamp™ Convention at Club La Santa in Lanzarote and Les Mills Convention/Mind Body Boot Camp at Club Med- Pompadour in France to name a few.

His personal passion is in making all classes’ fun and ‘accessible’ to all, irrespective of level or ability and focuses on breaking down complex Asana and Vinyasa so that they can be done by anyone. This is something that instructors particularly value in his teaching and his workshops equip them to be better able to cope with almost anyone that may walk into their studios whether new to Yoga or an advanced Yogi!

Workshop contents

-    Pranayama
-    Practical application of the fundamental principles
-    Breakdown of vinyasa sequencing
-    Theory of advanced yoga anatomy
-    Yoga for a healthy spine
-    Chakra Yoga master class
-    Restorative yoga master class  
-    Communication with positivity and awareness

Workshop program

Saturday (09.00 - 18.00)
Sunday (09.00 - 16.30)


Putul Lui Zamfir street no. 37, 2nd floor


650 RON

VAT included


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