17 - 18 Aprilie 2021 Bucuresti

Papa Faye
This workshop has 6 credits

Afro Aerobics

Did you know that most European dance styles evolved from African tribal dances?
Afro aerobics is a concept class designed with inspiration from African dance exercises but not entirely. This workshop is going to liberate the natural rhythm that we all possess. Papa Faye will teach you African dance choreography with powerful percussion rhythms that will take you back to the original source. This Afro aerobics workshop is designed with the ultimate goal for you to be able to teach a 60 min cardio class. Afro aerobics also a class that instructors can be licensed to teach.
The main goal in this class is to incorporate African inspired exercises into a 60 min cardio fitness class that are simple and easy to do for everyone. You do not need any prior experience to attend this workshop. All you need is a good sense of humor and a need to experience something different.  


400 RON

VAT included

Workshop contents

- 2 Master class of 60 minutes each
- Practical applications on segments with 2 master class (warm-up, main part, cool-down and stretching)
- At the end you will know how to keep each minute of that class by yourself
- Theoretical applications on segments with the 2 master class (warm-up, main part, cool-down and stretching)
- Tips on teaching and technique
- Teamwork and feedback
- Individual feedback

Workshop program

Saturday (09.00 - 18.00)
Sunday (09.00 - 17.00)


Lotus Sport


400 RON

VAT included


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