Nutritional approach in Hashimoto

30 Octombrie 2021 Online Workshop

Gabriela Niculae
This workshop has 1 credits

Hashimoto is an autoimmune condition in which specific antibodies attack the thyroid, the endocrine gland in the form of a butterfly, very important in the functioning of the whole body.
Recently the incidence of Hashimoto has increased. Gabriela Niculae is and autoimmune patient and for 14 years she has been studying this pathology that she approaches holistically (nutrition, sleep, emotion management, physical activity, food supplements).
If you are a patient with Hashimoto, if someone dear to you has this pathology, if you are a nutritionist and you want to know how to approach autoimmune thyroiditis, we invite you to the workshop organized by Fitness Scandinavia School.


290 RON

VAT included

With a 30-year career in banking, Gabriela Niculae began to deepen her nutrition 14 years ago, when she was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and the first doctor recommended a change in her diet and lifestyle. Thus, she transformed her passion into the profession she does with love for people.
A graduate of the nutrition technician course, she was attracted by the concept of balance promoted by Fitness Scandinavia and was happy when she received the collaboration offer, wanting to share with students her knowledge and experience. She has been a Master Trainer for 4 years within the course of Nutritionist Technician of Fitness Scandinavia School, where she inspires through positivism and information based on science.
Empathetic person with communication skills, she offers nutritional advice to those who want to change their diet and not only, her niche being that of autoimmune diseases and the management of symptoms in thyroid dysfunction, menopause.
«Beauty and well-being come from within, from the happiness with which you do things!! »

- Visagist course - Arcadia School
- Personal Trainer Course - Fiteducation – Brasov
- Nutritionist Technician Course - Scandinavia Fitness
-  Trainer - Training Course Romania
- Master "Nutrition and body remodeling" UNEFS

Workshop contents

• what is the thyroid gland and what role does it play in our body;
• what are thyroid hormones, what roles do they have;
• the relationship of the thyroid gland with other glands in the endocrine system;
• what is Hashimoto, triggers, symptoms, evolution over time;
• nutritional approach;
• about sleep, active rest, passive rest;
• recommended food supplements;
• emotions and Hashimoto;
• how do we maintain our normal weight even if we have Hashimoto;

Workshop program

Saturday (09.00 - 17.00)

Online Workshop


290 RON

VAT included


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