Denis Dochioiu


Yoga Instructor Course Master Trainer

Denis Dochioiu, Master Trainer at the Fitness Scandinavia Academy within the INDIAN YOGA ACADEMY Course, started endearing our School’s concepts while she graduated from our Nutritionist Course.

Her agitated lifestyle made her choose yoga to overcome daily struggles and challenges. She quit her job and went to Rishikesh, India, where she had her first Yoga Alliance US accredited 200-hours TTC and  participated to the International Yoga Festival.

Her beloved project, Life Yoga Center, came to life subsequently. It is a yoga and nutrition center where she gladly shares her knowledge in both of these domains.

Driven by the desire to learn even more, she went to Vienna for the “Yoga Adjustments” Course held by Kino MacGregor, one of the most popular American yogis.

In her second spiritual journey to India, she spent 5 weeks in Ashramul Parmarth Niketan, participated to the International Yoga Festival and attended the Kriya Yoga & Meditation and Chakra Dance Courses, followed by almost 4 weeks in the mountains, where she completed her Yoga Alliance accreditation with the 300H Course.

All these trips to India completely transformed her and made her appreciate simplicity, live joyfully and gratefully, find out who she is and want to help others discover the beautiful aspects of life, through this wonderful practice which is yoga.

Her activities are diverse, comprising yoga Courses and workshops, retreats, corporate yoga, private yoga lessons and being a Master Trainer within the Indian Yoga Academy Course at Fitness Scandinavia.

Join the Yoga Instructor Course organized by Fitness Scandinavia and you will learn from the best Master Trainers from Romania and not only.

Fitness Scandinavia

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16 - 17 Mai 2020 / Bucuresti


This workshop has 6 credits

Fitness Scandinavia is introducing the revolutionary training concept; PROCEDOS. you now have to opportunity to participate in an international education conducted in Romanian. You now have the chance to benefit from a cutting-edge educational program in the functional training field. Procedos is a functional training system that can be combined with almost any training accessory. The Procedos platform is an exercise system with many years of research behind it. It offers many training, rehabilitation and conditioning strategies. Through this course, you will get support, guidance and a wide range of training strategies that you can apply in your trainings with your clients. The Procedos platform is used by professional athletes and skilled trainers across the globe to improve athletic performance and to accelerate rehab. For the first time in Romania you will be able to experience this revolutionary concept over a 2-days training instructor course. Join our Master trainer in this dynamic PROCEDOS course, where you will experience the concept on all levels.
24 - 25 Octombrie 2020 / Timisoara

S.F.T (SURFACE FREE TRAINING) (Suspension fitness)

This workshop has 6 credits


Surface free training is one of the hottest new functional training concepts to hit the market. You can find it in most fitness clubs and now even in normal people’s homes. Surface free training is very fun, effective but not always easy to do. You need guidance in safety and in exercise execution and therefore it’s highly recommended that you take an introduction course that offers you the fundamental principles of the above. Fitness Scandinavia is happy to introduce S.F.T. (Surface free training). It is a concept created in Greece by the international master trainer: Dimitris Gourgos  

In our S.F.T.  level 1 workshop you will learn the fundamental principles of surface free training. You will also learn how to incorporate this kind of training into your PT sessions and into your classes. S.F.T training utilizes all planes of motion and targets your core stabilizers to improve functional movement and increase performance.

S.F.T will improve your personal training sessions and business using this truly integrated training concept, bridging the gap between movement, strength, fun and safety. Dimitris Gourgos has designed this concept not only so that you can have great PT sessions and great classes, but he makes it even easier to integrate this unique training tool alongside other training accessories within the same exercise session such as: Bosu, fit-balls, etc.)
7 Martie - 4 Octombrie 2020 / Bucuresti

Nutritionist course Bucuresti

This course has 24 credits

Choosing the right food and opting for a healthy lifestyle has become an international trend. To cover this important branch of the fitness industry, Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to register at the Technician Nutritionist held in collaboration with some of the most respected teachers in Nutrition and gastro technique: Dr. Antoinette Cretu and Gabriela Berechet.

On completion of the course of eight months, you will be authorized as a technician Nutritionist.

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