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New Diamond Set Pump: new colours, new exclusive design,
new soft grip bar. Steel plates with high quality rubber cover.
The Diamond design makes it a unique product, perfect for the
best wellness centers and the most demanding trainers.

Complete steel set with high quality rubber cover and colour coded weights.
Integrated grip: the plates can also be used as dumbbells.
Exclusive anti rolling Diamond design.
The complete set includes:

2 x 5 kg metal plates rubber coated - light blue
2 x 2,5 kg metal plates rubber coated - green
2 x 1,25 kg metal plates rubber coated - orange
1300 x 30 mm rubber coated bar (1,8 kg weight)
Black plastic little caps at the bar s ends prevent the floor from being damaged
Pair of spring collars with plastic handles

Total weight: approx. 19,5 kg
2-5 weeks

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20 Septembrie 2024 - 16 Februarie 2025 / Timisoara

200 hours TTC (Yoga Alliance accredited) by the Indian Yoga Academy™ (RYS) Bucuresti

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The Indian yoga academy specializes in all things that are related to yoga and in particular yoga education. The foundations of the Indian yoga academy are based in the genuine need to deliver authentic yoga practice to the western part of the world in a way that well-tailored and understandable this part of the world.
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Elevate your expertise in personal training, fine-tuning your communication skills to inspire and guide others on their fitness odyssey. Dive into the realms of training theory and periodization, crafting workouts that are as strategic as they are effective.

Become a maestro in the dynamics of group training, orchestrating sessions that unite and motivate. Learn the secrets of self-promotion and marketing, ensuring your journey to success is as compelling as your workouts.

Design transformative training programs, seamlessly blending science and creativity. Immerse yourself in the hypertrophy training realm, sculpting bodies with precision and purpose. This course isn't just about fitness; it's about mastering the science behind the sweat, empowering you to shape lives and bodies with confidence. Are you ready to redefine fitness?
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