Ribbon Leggings- I am vibes

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Many Textures and patterns within this fabric make these leggings truly unique. Guaranteed opaque fabric.

I am vibesis here to remind you of the creative power you possess as well as the intuitive spiritual light you hold and can unlock through all walks of Creative expression, Well being, Spiritual Practise & Protection.
2-3 days

Fitness Scandinavia

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16 - 17 Mai 2020 / Bucuresti


This workshop has 6 credits

Fitness Scandinavia is introducing the revolutionary training concept; PROCEDOS. you now have to opportunity to participate in an international education conducted in Romanian. You now have the chance to benefit from a cutting-edge educational program in the functional training field. Procedos is a functional training system that can be combined with almost any training accessory. The Procedos platform is an exercise system with many years of research behind it. It offers many training, rehabilitation and conditioning strategies. Through this course, you will get support, guidance and a wide range of training strategies that you can apply in your trainings with your clients. The Procedos platform is used by professional athletes and skilled trainers across the globe to improve athletic performance and to accelerate rehab. For the first time in Romania you will be able to experience this revolutionary concept over a 2-days training instructor course. Join our Master trainer in this dynamic PROCEDOS course, where you will experience the concept on all levels.
27 Martie - 16 Mai 2020 / Constanta


This course has 24 credits

Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PILATES ™. The program was created by Italian international fitness master, CEO and founder of Italy Fitness Association (IFA) - Crocetta and Stefano and brought by us in Romania.
23 Mai - 7 Iunie 2020 / Craiova

Personal trainer course (level 2) Bucuresti

This course has 12 credits

Fitness Scandinavia School invites fitness instructors to the Personal Trainer Course (Level 2), divided into 3 categories: training for sports performance; Strength and increasing fitness levels for different categories of population and business in the field of personal training.
This course is designed to enrich the knowledge of fitness trainers and offer career development opportunities.

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