Gabriela Niculae


Master Trainer of the Nutritionist Technician Course

With a 28-year-old banking career, Gabriela Niculae has begun to deepen her knowledge in nutrition 12 years ago when she was diagnosed with two autoimmune ailments and the doctor recommended a change in her diet and lifestyle.
Gabriela is a  graduate of the Nutrition Technician course and she was attracted by the balance concept promoted by Fitness Scandinavia School and she was very happy when she received her collaboration offer, wanting to share her knowledge and experience. She is now a  Master Trainer in the course of Technician Nutritionist where she inspires through her positive vibes and science-based information.
Gabriela is an empathic person with communication skills and she  provides nutritional advice to those who want to change their eating style and not only, her specialization being autoimmune disease and management of symptoms in thyroid dysfunctions.
Beauty and well-being come from within, from the happiness you manifest!

- Visagist course -Arcadia School
- Personal Trainer Course - Fiteducation -Brasov
- Nutritionist-Scandinavia Fitness Technician Course
- Training-Training Romania
- - Master "Nutritie si remodelare corporala " UNEFS

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2 - 3 Octombrie 2021 / Iasi

INDOOR CYCLING EDUCATION powered by FS & Matrix (Level 1) IASI

This workshop has 6 credits

The Indoor cycling  education by FS & Matrix is designed for instructors with no previous experience in indoor cycling teaching. This level provides participants with a solid foundation in order to enhance their knowledge and further their career prospects.

If you are looking for an indoor cycling education that will give you everything that you need to teach an  excellent class then this is the moment that you have been waiting for. MATRIX indoor cycling education is on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest sports science of class design, cycling biomechanics, fitness test, communication, motivational techniques and exercising to music. MATRIX  makes it their mission to deliver only the best training equipment and the best training education.  
Anyone who is looking  to become an Indoor Cycling Instructor or is looking to improve his his/her health status can join this course. This course is created to give real and functional instructions to those who are looking teach indoor cycling on a daily basis. This course is also created with a desire to motivate and to inspire all future instructors that upon graduation they will be able to teach their classes in a safe, effective and professional manner. We look forward to having you as our participant in our MATRIX course.  

1 Octombrie 2021 - 26 Martie 2022 / Iasi

200 hours TTC (Yoga Alliance accredited) by the Indian Yoga Academy™ (RYS) Bucuresti

This course has 24 credits

The Indian yoga academy specializes in all things that are related to yoga and in particular yoga education. The foundations of the Indian yoga academy are based in the genuine need to deliver authentic yoga practice to the western part of the world in a way that well-tailored and understandable this part of the world.
8 Octombrie - 25 Noiembrie 2021 / Bucuresti


This course has 24 credits

Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PILATES ™. The program was created by Italian international fitness master, CEO and founder of Italy Fitness Association (IFA) - Crocetta and Stefano and brought by us in Romania.
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