Lucian Burche


Master Trainer Instructor Cycling

Lucian Burche embraced the world of sports when he was 10, by becoming a fencer. Fencing professor at the Steaua School Sports Club at 22 years old, he achieved first rank results in national and international contests and won tens of medals with the children and juniors teams. At 25, his fencing coach career turned naturally towards fitness with the prestigious coach Radu Teodorescu’s club.

He continued by specializing in Indoor Cycling, bodyART, deepWORK, Pilates, TRX.
Lucian Burche is extremely motivated to guide people towards practicing sports. Switching between fencing and fitness but also between training children and adults showed him that sports make a huge difference regardless of age or talent: the confidence that his alumni achieve in their own forces, becoming much more aware of their own body, of their own nutrition and generally, of everything that comes with a right and healthy lifestyle, the fact that almost all of them start participating to contests and develop the desire to practice outdoor sports as well.

All these things motivate Lucian to push the limits even further by forming a new indoor cycling trainers’ generation.


- Instructor: Indoor cycling- ICE Tomahawk 2009;
- Instructor: bodyART, bodyART school Romania, 2013;
- Instructor: bodyART Dynamic, bodyART school Romania;
- Instructor: deepWORK, deepwork school Romania, 2014;
- Instructor: Spinning 2013, Maddog Athletics;
- Instructor: TRX surface free training, 2013;
- Workshop: Mind Spinning, Madog Atheltics 2014;
- Workshop: bodyART CONTACT, bodyART School Romania 2016;
- Workshop: Indoor cycling Interval Training, Schwin Romania;
- Instructor: Pilates, Scandinavia Fitness 2016.

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10 Decembrie 2021 - 26 Mai 2022 / Bucuresti

200 hours TTC (Yoga Alliance accredited) by the Indian Yoga Academy™ (RYS) Bucuresti

This course has 24 credits

The Indian yoga academy specializes in all things that are related to yoga and in particular yoga education. The foundations of the Indian yoga academy are based in the genuine need to deliver authentic yoga practice to the western part of the world in a way that well-tailored and understandable this part of the world.
5 - 27 Martie 2022 / Bucuresti

Group Fitness Instructor Course

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The new Group fitness instructor course is designed to meet the needs of the modern group fitness instructor. Most importantly it is NOT a choreography based education. This means that you don’t have to worry about understanding complex choreography which is incorporated into music.
This new group fitness instructor course focuses on how to teach strength training and cardio training in a group class environment.
22 Ianuarie - 21 August 2022

Applied Nutrition Course

This course has 24 credits

Choosing the right foods and choosing a healthy lifestyle has become an international trend. To cover this important branch in the fitness industry, Scandinavia Fitness School invites you to enrol in the APPLIED NUTRITION COURSE, held in collaboration with some of the most respected teachers in Nutrition and Gastronomy: Dr. Antoaneta Cretu and Gabriela Berechet.
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