Richmond Bachia


CEO, founder of Fitness Scandinavia

b] Richmond Bachia [/ b] was born in Kenya and spent most of his life in Norway and Sweden. Norway remains his home as his spent most of his childhood there. He has a diploma in cognitive psychology that has helped him better understand and at the same time cultivate/further his passion towards health & fitness.

Richmond started his careen in fitness in 1990 and ever since has travelles to more than 35 countries and has acted as consultant at the biggest fitness events in the world. Among the countries his passion has carried him to we can count the U.S., China, South Africa, Iceland and many more. So far in his international career in the field, Richmond has been sponsored by the biggest sports brands in the world like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Freddy and Puma, all of which chose to be represented by Richmond Bachia.

In 2006 Richmond arrived in Romania to work as manager of a fitness club and since the he has collaborated with most of the biggest fitness clubs in the country. In 2009, he decided to found his own fitness education company which he named Fitness Scandinavia.

The school which he co-founded alongside Veronica Alexe is now one of the most respected fitness education companies. Richmond aims to share his knowledge of and passion for fitness and to raise the bar in quality for fitness in Romania by educating as many specialists as possible.

Fitness Scandinavia

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23 Mai - 20 Decembrie 2020 / Iasi

Nutritionist course Iasi

This course has 24 credits

Choosing the right food and opting for a healthy lifestyle has become an international trend. To cover this important branch of the fitness industry, Fitness Scandinavia School invites you to register at the Technician Nutritionist held in collaboration with some of the most respected teachers in Nutrition and gastro technique: Dr. Antoinette Cretu and Gabriela Berechet.

On completion of the course of eight months, you will be authorized as a technician Nutritionist.

30 - 31 Mai 2020 / Bucuresti

FunctionalSHAPEâ„¢ INSTRUCTOR COURSE (workshop-module for functional training in groups and to music)

This workshop has 6 credits

Functional training for groups
This is one of fitness Scandinavia’s signature workshops. Fitness Scandinavia was one of the first education companies to offer functional training workshops and classes in Romanian in 2008. Since then functional training concept has grown to become a phenomenon where thousands are training every day. This workshop has been created by Master trainer Cristina Androne and has been carefully designed to serve a special need in the fitness industry. Functional training can be executed in the gym individually together with a personal trainer and also in the aerobics studio together with an aerobics instructor. In this workshop we will focus on functional training in the aerobics studio.
14 Martie - 5 Aprilie 2020 / Timisoara

Fitness instructor course Timisoara

This course has 24 credits

We invite you to a course where we will present the secrets of an entire industry. Besides your training as authorized Fitness instructor, you will acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This course introduces you to the world of fitness and teaches you how to create a functional relationship between trainer and client.
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